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In-depth interview


Journalist, an entire profession. Some are happy to relay information, others dig about them by putting all their heart and their soul. This is the case of this pretty Asian doll, which has no equal for finding information! It now needs to interview a rock star and landed near him with a skirt and a little dizzying high of a bitch who hides her boobs hardly. The guy is ready to answer any questions from the start! But before that, he’d like to enjoy the small firm breasts with the nice, smooth her vulva, all pink and tight as a vise … He eats this beautiful babe from head to toe and soles, without warning, as in the stuffing a bitch on the couch! The quilts of journalist fluttering, swinging in every direction, and exquisite little pussy gets bum still further by the big club of the star. With a juicy little body like hers, her mouth so deep, no wonder she managed to get everything she wants from her interviewees! Until the last little drop!

Date: March 21, 2020

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